Selected individual exhibitions:

- In search of colour, Spiegelsalon, Berlin, 2012

- New arrivals, Traffic Club Warsaw, 2013

- Epicycle, Warsaw Film School, 2014

- Metropolitan Landscape, Przechodnia Gallery, Warsaw, 2014

- Venice mirror. City’s reflection in photography, Spokojna Gallery – exhibition of PhD thesis, Warsaw, 2015

- Connotation, OBOK ZPAF Gallery, Warsaw, 2015

- Connotation, On the Right Side of the Vistula Art Gallery, Warsaw, 2017

- Now Is Now, Ney Gallery&Prints, Warsaw, 2017.

- Suggestions, Third Eye Gallery, Krakow, 2018

- Now Is Now, Stanislaw Staszic Museum, Pila, 2018

- Izabela Maciusowicz Photographs, Focus Photo Gallery, Siedlce, 2019


Selected group exhibitions:

gifNESIS, exhibition as part of 9. International festival of visual art inSpiracje 2013, Szczecin

Zohar, exhibition as part of XV Singer’s Warsaw Jewish Culture Festival, 2018

Light Objects, exhibition as part of Light Move Festival, Łódź, 2018

Generations. Women-common field, Mazovian Museum in Płock, 2019

Year of Perpetual Summer, National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, 2020